VHP Group


The VHP Group, has over 38 years experience as  International Security Consultants. The Company designs High Level Security, Security and Communications, and IT Structured Data Systems. In addition we provide Threat Analysis, Security Master Plans, Security Training, Security Policies and Procedures and Auditing.

Our main advantage is that we understand operations. Although we are experts in technology we don’t look to throw equipment alone at the problem. We think out of the box! Many solutions are a combination of equipment, good administration, policies and procedures and architectural designs to enhance security.

In Colombia, South America, we solved a prison security problem by having an entire village relocated. In another example, we recommended a lunch program for the poor people adjacent to a shipping port to reduce theft and to work with the local people instead of against them. We have also encouraged the building of hospital wings and soccer fields.

When Pablo Escobar escaped from a Colombian prison, we were the ones hired to re-design their prisons and revise their Federal Prison Polices and Procedures and to introduce new courses at their school of corrections.

We are familiar with securing against guerilla and terrorist organizations. We’ve been doing it all our lives!

Whether it is a prison, a government, a bank, or a commercial office building, we will solve your security and communication problems and we will look for the usual and unusual solutions.

Some of the Topics Covered in our Site Include:

Commercial Security Design Corporate Security Bank Security
Risk Analysis Security Procedures Security Policies
Global Security Consultant Terrorism Guerilla
Threat Analysis Security Training Project Management
Prison Security Consultant Jail Security Corrections
Philippine Prisons Colombian Prisons Venezuelan Prisons
Court Security Consultant Criminal Justice Port Security